The Church Elder & the Church Manual -Biaggi-

Transformational Leadership Survey -Braham-

Strategies for Effective Departamental Leadership -Braham-

How to Make Your Organization Paperless -Clayton-

Effectiveness in Planning Major Events -Clemmer-

Effectiveness in Planning Major Events -Clemmer-

Connecting Effectively with Colleagues -Cooper-

Leadership Transitions Done Well -Cooper-

Case Studies Leadership for Church Elders -De los Santos-

Forging Partnerships -De los Santos-

Fear & Whistleblowing -Douglas-

Best Practices Internal Control -Douglas-

Choosing Battles & Consensus -Doukmetzian-

Handling Abuse from Church Members -Doukmetzian-

Problem Solving & Decision Making -Espinoza-

The Educator & the Organization -Florez-

Secretariat & HR. -Garnett-

Critical Issues & being Confidential -Henry-

The Secretary & the Organization -Johnson-

Building a Model Adventist Institution -Kuhn-

Elements in the development of
an Institutional Growth Plan

Pastoral Ministry in the third Millennium -Oliver-

Best Practices in Leadership for Pastors -Pollard-

Attitude and Team Spirit for Treasurers -Pollard-

Best Practices in Nurture & Evaluation -Pollard-

My Leaderships Beliefs Survey -Pollard-

Effective Departamental Management -Simmons-

Motivating Employees & Maintaining
Healthy Relationships

Effective Pastoral Leadership & Supervision -Stele-

Authority & Organizational Effectiveness -Stele-

Statistics & Solutions -Stele-

Transformational Leadership -Taylor-

The Pastor/Elder Team -Tobias-

Strategies to Grow the Finances -Verduzco-

Financing the Organization Effectively -Verduzco-

How to inspire the Constituency 
with Financial Confidence
-Wagner & Zabala-

Budgeting that Benefits Employees -Zabala-

First Things First -IAD 2019-